Sylvain M Weinberger

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Early weight-change patterns were studied in 101 passively addicted neonates. Newborns showing mild abstinence and not requiring pharmacologic treatment lost an average of 4.0% of birth weight, reached a weight nadir on day 3, and regained birth weight by days 7 to 8. Newborns treated with either paregoric or phenobarbital for more severe signs of(More)
The contribution of the peripheral nervous system to the neonatal abstinence syndrome was evaluated. Nerve conduction velocities were determined in 25 passively addicted(PA)infants born to mothers receiving methadone maintenance; 12 of the mothers abused other drugs concomitantly. Nerve conduction velocities in PA infants, both at 3-7 days and 3-4 weeks of(More)
The impact of maternal drug dependency on neonatal morphometrics was studied in 150 mother-infant and 150 concurrent control pairs. The maternal population included 121 methadone-maintained women, of whom 80 abused other drugs concomitantly; the remaining 29 women used multiple street drugs. Mean birth weight of the passively addicted neonates(PA)(2.80 kg ±(More)
The impact of maternal drug dependency on weight changes after birth was assessed in 131 passively addicted infants. The maternal population included 40% who took methadone alone and 56% who abused other drugs concurrently with methadone. Abstinence was treated with phenobarbital (PH) in 53 infants and with paregoric (PA) in 45 infants by random design; the(More)
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