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INTRODUCTION Cutaneous lichen planus in children is a rare entity. To study its specific clinical and therapeutic features, we report on 8 cases seen in 5 years in a pediatric dermatology clinic. In parallel, this study addresses the role of HBV immunization campaigns in childhood lichen planus. OBSERVATIONS Six boys and two girls with a diffuse form of(More)
UNLABELLED Pulmonary function testing is not usually done in the preschool child, despite the recent data showing early deterioration in airway function in asthma. METHODS We evaluated feasibility and clinical interest of flow-volume loop by forced expiratory maneuver and measure of airway resistance by interrupter technique (interrupter resistance),(More)
Thirty-five normal two-month-old infants had nighttime followed by daytime polygraphic recordings. Heart rates were calculated every minute in active and quiet sleep states. A difference in mean heart rates was found between the two states and between the two recordings. Rates were lower at night than during the day (P < 0.0001), regardless of the sleep(More)
We have studied muscular work efficiency and VO2 peak in seven obese individuals (body mass index: 38.9 +/- 5.8 kg.m-2) before and after twelve days of a low-caloric diet (protein-sparing modified fast) providing about 2460 kJ/day. Respiratory gas exchanges were measured at rest and during an exercise protocol through a rubber mask connected to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To define retraining after injury in a high-level cyclist by taking into account the consequences of detraining. METHOD From three clinical cases and from the analysis of the consequences of detraining, three principles of retraining were determined. RESULTS 1. The high-level cyclist is not protected and loses cycling capacity after four weeks(More)
The authors present a technique of VO2 and VCO2 measurements by a non invasive method in mechanically ventilated patients. Inspirated and expirated gas are sampled respectively in the inspiratory limb of the patient's breathing circuit and in a mixing chamber. Gas samples are analysed by mass spectrometry in the laboratory. Expiratory flow rate is(More)
It remains difficult to make a reasoned choice between betablockers and calcium antagonists in the medical treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In order to help in making this choice, we compared the effects of 320 mg of propranolol and 480 mg of verapamil, prescribed in a random order for an average period of 2.5 months in 24 patients. In 15 patients(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the presence of cerebral lesions in asymptomatic scuba divers and explain the causes of them: potential risk factors associating cardiovascular risk factors, low aerobic capacity, or characteristics of diving (maximum depth, ascent rate). Experienced scuba divers, over 40 years of age, without any decompression sickness(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the result of surgical repair of Fallot's tetralogy (FT) and to advise physical and sporting activities. Thirty-two patients (20 boys and 12 girls) underwent correction of FT either before 4 years of age (14 cases) or after (18 cases). The patients were assessed on average 7.5 years postoperatively (range 4 to 13 years).(More)
Ergospirometry was performed in 19 children and adolescents operated for tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) to assess their exercise capacity compared to an active non sportive control group. The test was carried out on a treadmill with measurement of oxygen consumption cycle by cycle throughout exercise. In comparison with the control group, the patients had: a(More)