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Lost Roots: How Project Management Came to Emphasize Control over Flexibility and Novelty
The discipline of project management (PM) adheres to the dominant model of the project life cycle or phased stage-gate approach to executing projects. This implies a clear definition of mission andExpand
Exploration and Project Management
Project management in academic studies tends to be regarded as an adequate solution to the problems raised by innovation. This paper sets out to question this tendency to equate projects andExpand
Floating in Space? On the Strangeness of Exploratory Projects
This article deals with the management of exploratory projects and relies on a case study of the space industry to study their supposed strangeness compared with more traditional projects. Indeed,Expand
Platform re-use : lessons from the automotive industry
The platform strategy adopted by firms in a multi-project context reduces lead-time and development cost, enhances reliability, allows mass customization and increases manufacturing flexibility. Expand
Toward a genealogy of project management: Sidewinder and the management of exploratory projects
Abstract This paper deals with the management of exploratory projects, i.e. projects where neither the goals nor the means to attain them can be defined at the beginning. It relies on the historicalExpand
The launch of innovative product-related services: Lessons from automotive telematics
In the literature on new product development, most existing studies on the end of the design process concentrate on managing ramp-up in the field of manufactured products. This situation poses aExpand
Exploration, project evaluation and design theory: a rereading of the Manhattan case.
Purpose – There is a widespread agreement in the managerial literature that projects produce much more than what they deliver. However, most of the literature focuses on what project delivers (newExpand
The strategy of parallel approaches in projects with unforeseeable uncertainty: the Manhattan case in retrospect
This paper discusses the literature on the management of projects with unforeseeable uncertainty. Recent work demonstrates that, when confronted with unforeseeable uncertainties, managers can adoptExpand
Making Project History: Revisiting the Past, Creating the Future
To this point, project management scholars and historians have carried out surprisingly little research on the landmark projects of our past. This paper argues for the need for delineating ProjectExpand
Value Management for Exploration Projects
Whereas exploration projects stand as important drivers in renewing the assets of the firm and creating new business opportunities, it is well recognized that project evaluation and value managementExpand