Sylvain L. Delage

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The high temperature stability of AlGaN/GaN and lattice-matched InAlN/GaN heterostructure FETs has been evaluated by a stepped temperature test routine under large-signal operation. While AlGaN/GaN high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have failed in an operating temperature range of 500 ◦C, InAlN/GaN HEMTs have been operated up to 900 ◦C for 50 h (in(More)
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska Cesta 9, 84104 Bratislava, Slovakia Advanced Materials and Device Analysis Group, Institute for Microelectronics, Vienna University of Technology, Gusshausstr. 27-29, 1040 Vienna, Austria Alcatel-Thales III–V Lab, Route de Nozay, 91460 Marcoussis, France Institute of Condensed Matter(More)
0026-2714/$ see front matter 2012 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.microrel.2012.02.003 ⇑ Corresponding author. E-mail address: (J. Kováč) The excessive gate leakage current of the planarand mesa-type InAlN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) is evaluated. It is found that the gate current of the mesa-type HFETs is(More)
Low frequency noise (LFN) is a reliable diagnostic tool to evaluate and locate the defects of a technology. In this study, LFN is used to assess effects of deuterium (H<sup>+</sup> ions) in diffusion condition on the robustness of 0.25 *2*75 mum<sup>2</sup> gate area AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) grown on Si substrate. H<sup>+</sup>(More)