Sylvain Hugonin

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INTRODUCTION Bladder carcinoma (B-TCC) is the fifth most prevalent carcinoma in the United States (US) or Europe. In addition, B-TCC is the most expensive carcinoma per patient between diagnosis and death, because of its 50-80 % recurrence rate. B-TCC is an optimal carcinoma for which to detect DNA alterations in urine, which is easily obtainable.(More)
INTRODUCTION Urothelial carcinomas are the fourth leading cause of cancer in humans. Their incidence is increasing by more than 50% in 25 years. The superficial forms (70% cases) require a close active surveillance to identify frequent recurrences and progression to invasive stage. Our main goal was to identify prognostic molecular markers for bladder(More)
BACKGROUND Whether preoperative knowledge of the BRAF mutation status would help to determine the extent of surgery for thyroid nodules is still under investigation. METHODS We developed a method to state the V600E mutation before surgery on fine-needle aspiration (FNA) stained smears checked to contain tumor cells. We evaluated the interest of the(More)
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