Sylvain Huet

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The increasingly demanding requirements of digital signal processing applications like multimedia, new generations of wireless systems, etc. led to the definition of more and more complex algorithms and systems that are to be efficiently implemented with the time to market constraint. Today, the electronic system design community is mainly concerned with(More)
Nowadays, it is possible to build a multi-GPU supercomputer, well suited for implementation of digital signal processing algorithms , for a few thousand dollars. However, to achieve the highest performance with this kind of architecture, the programmer has to focus on inter-processor communications, tasks synchronization. .. In this paper, we propose a(More)
High performance computing with low cost machines becomes a reality with GPU. Unfortunately, high performances are achieved when the programmer exploits the architectural specificities of the GPU processors: he has to focus on inter-GPU communications, task allocations among the GPUs, task scheduling, external memory prefetching, and synchronization. In(More)
Multimedia applications are often characterized by a large number of data accesses with regular and periodic access patterns. In these cases, optimized pipelined memory access controllers can be generated improving the pipeline access mode to RAM. We focus on the design and the implementation of memory sequencers that can be automatically generated from a(More)