Sylvain Haese

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In this paper, we propose an overall optimization of discrete multitone (DMT) transmissions over polymer optical fiber (POF). The optimization is carried out from both a theoretical and experimental approach. At first, the parameters of the POF channel characteristics, resonant cavity light emitting diode (RC-LED) dynamic nonlinearity performance and(More)
A novel bit-loading approach is proposed for the discrete multi-tone (DMT) transmission over short range polymer optical fiber (POF) systems. First of all, from the extract signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) table of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) for different desired bit error rates (BER), a new linear approximation (LA) expression is introduced to(More)
Recently, polymer optical fiber (POF) became a popular solution for the indoor communications. In this paper, a multi-band discrete-Fourier-transform spread (MB-DFT-S) discrete multi-tone (DMT) system is proposed to study and optimize in terms of POF communications. A joint optimization of used subcarrier number, used bandwidth and multi-band number is(More)
In this paper, a novel discrete multi-tone (DMT) scheme is proposed for optical communications. Instead of the traditional cyclic prefix (CP), a hybrid structure of pseudo-noise (PN) sequence and zero-padding (ZP) sequence is proposed to serve as guard interval for the DMT transmission in order to achieve higher spectrum efficiency. The proposed PN-ZP-DMT(More)
Background: How to deal with the time-dispersive channel is the main challenge faced by the short-range optical communication systems. In this work a novel pseudo-noise sequence (PN) assisted pulse-amplitude modulated (PN-PAM) transmission scheme for short-range optical communication systems is proposed in this work. With the help of the PN based channel(More)
This paper presents an architecture of an IR-UWB MB-OOK non-coherent transceiver realized at Mitsubishi Electric. Channel measurements in real indoor environment based on this realized prototype are provided. The different components of this transceiver are described. A comparison between the use of directional and omnidirectional antennas at both emission(More)
High bit rate transmission over polymer optical fiber (POF) attracts great interests recently. This paper investigates the discrete multi-tone (DMT) transmission over 50-meter stepindex POF (SI-POF) based on an experimental system. The system adopts a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) and processes the data off-line, which is the most common solution in(More)
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