Sylvain Grosjean

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NO produced by the inducible NO synthase (NOS2) and prostanoids generated by the cyclooxygenase (COX) isoforms and terminal prostanoid synthases are major components of the host innate immune and inflammatory response. Evidence exists that pharmacological manipulation of one pathway could result in cross-modulation of the other, but the sense, amplitude,(More)
A novel class of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) has been synthesized from Cu-acetate and dicarboxylic acids using liquid phase epitaxy. The SURMOF-2 isoreticular series exhibits P4 symmetry, for the longest linker a channel-size of 3 × 3 nm(2) is obtained, one of the largest values reported for any MOF so far. High quality, ab-initio electronic structure(More)
Metal-organic frameworks offer tremendous potential for efficient separation of molecular mixtures. Different pore sizes and suitable functionalizations of the framework allow for an adjustment of the static selectivity. Here we report membranes which offer dynamic control of the selectivity by remote signals, thus enabling a continuous adjustment of the(More)
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