Sylvain Feruglio

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A CMOS Buried Double Junction PN (BDJ) photodetector consists of two vertically-stacked photodiodes. It can be operated as a photodiode with improved performance and wavelength-sensitive response. This paper presents a review of this device and its applications. The CMOS implementation and operating principle are firstly described. This includes the(More)
— This paper presents a novel method for modeling the functionality of a mixed-signal system, and analyzing its signal integrity (SI) at a high-level of abstraction with SystemC-AMS. Our model includes on a unique platform a functional module and a non-functional module. The functional module represents the operative behavior of the system and the(More)
Little is known about the processes occurring after Spinal Cord damage. Whether permanent or recoverable, those processes have not been precisely characterized because their mechanism is complex and information on the functioning of this organ are partial. This study demonstrates the feasibility of Spinal Cord activity monitoring using Near Infra-Red(More)
of photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal is widely used to assess metabolic conditions of monitored tissues. Probes were designed to acquire physiological changes through the spine induced by external stimulation. In vivo results demonstrate that such probes can be deployed to monitor and analyze autonomic functions of the spinal cord. M The Spinal Cord (SC)(More)
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