Sylvain Ferrant

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A nitrate sensor has been set up to measure every 10min the nitrate signal in a stream draining a small agricultural catchment dominated by fertilized crops during a 2-year study period (2006–2008) in the south-west of France. An in situ sampling protocol using automatic sampler to monitor flood events have been used to assume a point-to-point calibration(More)
Local groundwater levels in South India are falling alarmingly. In the semi-arid crystalline Deccan plateau area, agricultural production relies on groundwater resources. Downscaled Global Climate Model (GCM) data are used to force a spatially distributed agro-hydrological model in order to evaluate Climate Change (CC) effects on local groundwater(More)
Sentinel-2 (S2) earth observation satellite mission, launched in 2015, is foreseen to promote within-field decisions in Precision Agriculture (PA) for both: (1) optimizing crop production; and (2) regulating environmental impacts. In this second scope, a set of Leaf Area Index (LAI) derived from S2 type time-series (2006–2010, using Formosat-2 satellite) is(More)
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