Sylvain Delisle

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Although benchmarking has proven to be valuable for large businesses and organizations for quite sometime, up until recently, serious doubts existed as to its usefulness for smaller businesses. In this paper, we present the PDG, a benchmarking system meant to evaluate SMEs from an external perspective in order to produce a diagnosis of their performance and(More)
Agent-oriented methodologies and related modeling techniques have become a priority for the development of large scale agent-based systems. Several methodologies have been proposed for the development of multiagent systems (MAS). For the most part, these methodologies remain incomplete: they are either an extension of object-oriented methodologies or an(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the hypotheses that African American patients and older patients with stage IV colorectal cancer were less likely to receive newer chemotherapy agents. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective cohort design. METHODS Among 5068 Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare patients diagnosed as having stage IV colorectal cancer between 2000(More)
Nosocomial acquisition of microorganisms resistant to multiple antibiotics represents a threat to patient safety. Here we review the mechanisms that have allowed highly resistant strains belonging to the Enterococcus genus to proliferate within our health-care institutions. These mechanisms indicate that decreasing the prevalence of resistant organisms(More)
In object-oriented (OO) software engineering, objects, attributes and processes are often specified in natural language descriptions. Following a precise methodology, we here look at the analysis phase of OO software engineering and show that robust computational linguistic tools initially developed for knowledge extraction from text can provide useful(More)
BACKGROUND The electronic medical record (EMR) contains a rich source of information that could be harnessed for epidemic surveillance. We asked if structured EMR data could be coupled with computerized processing of free-text clinical entries to enhance detection of acute respiratory infections (ARI). METHODOLOGY A manual review of EMR records related to(More)
The effective application of a data mining process is littered with many difficult and technical decisions (i.e. data cleansing, feature transformations, algorithms, parameters, evaluation). Subsequently, most data mining products provide a large number of models and tools, but few provide intelligent assistance for addressing the above-mentioned challenges(More)
Sentence syntax is the basis for organizing semantic relations in TANKA, a project that aims to acquire knowledge from technical text. Other hallmarks include an absence of precoded domain-specific knowledge; significant use of public-domain generic linguistic information sources; involvement of the user as a judge and source of expertise; and learning from(More)
The evaluation of a large implemented natural language processing system involves more than its application to a common performance task. Such tasks have been used in the message understanding conferences (MUCs), text retrieval conferences (TRECs) as well as in speech technology and machine translation workshops. It is useful to compare the performance of(More)