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The TRIAL SOLUTION EU project focused on the publication of personalized electronic documents based on existing scientific books. Its general approach consists in slicing electronic books into elementary learning resources and annotating them with metadata enabling the retrieval of resources by a semantic search. The annotated resources are published into a(More)
It is now widely accepted that any kind of digital content must be somehow semantically annotated to be intelligently used by computer programs. Annotations can be metadata, descriptions, etc. When dealing with learning, most systems require the author to manually annotate resources so that the system can deploy a navigation strategy, an adaptive behavior(More)
Reusing existing web resources for e-learning is a very promising and highly promoted idea in the research field of web-based education, especially for intelligent or adaptive systems where the cost of authoring is tremendous. However methodologies and tools are still lacking and feasibility at reasonable cost is a pending issue. In this paper we propose an(More)
Nous présentons dans cet article un EIAH conçu et développé selon des méthodes et techniques du Web sémantique et de l'ingénierie des connaissances. L'environnement d'apprentissage est conçu comme une mémoire de formation et le système que nous avons développé constitue un Web sémantique de formation (par extension de la notion de Web sémantique(More)
In recent years, event processing has matured from an emerging technology to one with pervasive uses in various industries. There is a growing segment of applications comprising a diversity of rule types that are developed by high-level users, who have business logic and process expertise rather than software development skills. Technical rule languages(More)
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