Sylvain Colin

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To understand how evolutionary algorithms optimize the simple class of monotonic functions, Jansen (FOGA 2007) introduced the partially-ordered evolutionary algorithm (PO-EA) model and analyzed its runtime. The PO-EA is a pessimistic model of the true optimization process, hence performance guarantees for it immediately take over to the true optimization(More)
This paper presents a new technique for fabricating thick (>10µm) chalcogenide multilayer structures. Films of arbitrary thicknesses are readily achieved through spin-coating, lamination and baking. For homogeneous systems, layer interfaces can be effectively removed by annealing above T g. Alternatively, heterogeneous multilayer films can be realized by(More)
A whole-mount preparation is described for visualizing unmyelinated peptide immunoreactive axons in two specialized tissues, thin enough for tracing axons to their terminal knobs. These tissues, the cornea and the mucosal surface of the tympanic membrane, are known to possess specialized nociceptor innervation and can be used for selecting sensory endings(More)
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