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— The POLDER instrument is devoted to global observations of the solar radiation reflected by the earth-atmosphere system. Algorithms of the " Earth Radiation Budget and Clouds " processing line implemented at the French Space Center are applied to ADEOS-POLDER data. First results on derived cloud properties are presented from POLDER level 2 data of 10(More)
This study investigates two approaches for localizing an impulse sound source with distributed sensors in an urban environment under controlled processing time. In both approaches, the numerical model used for calculating the sound propagation is a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) model. The simulations are drastically accelerated by restricting to the(More)
Sound propagation outdoors is strongly affected by atmospheric turbulence. Under strongly perturbed conditions or long propagation paths, the sound fluctuations reach their asymptotic behavior, e.g., the intensity variance progressively saturates. The present study evaluates the ability of a numerical propagation model based on the finite-difference(More)
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