Sylvain Chatel

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Among the manufacturing processes, Liquid Composites Moulding are undoubtedly among the most interesting for the obtaining of a composite part. It offers several advantages like reduced solvent emissions, part quality, and process repeatability [1]. Furthermore, forming processes have shown their efficiency for the manufacturing of metallic materials for(More)
The Agrocybe aegerita mitochondrial genome possesses two polB genes with linear plasmid origin. The cloning and sequencing of the regions flanking Aa-polB P1 revealed two large inverted repeats (higher than 2421 nt) separated by a single copy region of 5834 nt. Both repeats contain identical copies of the nad4 gene. The single copy region contains two(More)
A [CoIII(N2S2)]NEt4 complex, with two carboxamido nitrogens and two alkylthiolato sulfurs, was prepared from N,N'-(2-thioacetylisobutyryl)-2-aminobenzylamine, and characterized. It crystallizes with a distorted square planar structure including two short Co-N bonds (approximately 1.882 A) and two short Co-S bonds (approximately 2.134 A). The ligand defines(More)
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