Sylvain Capo

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Sandy sediments of tidal beaches are poor in reactive substances because they are regularly flushed by significant flow caused by tidal forcing. This transport process may significantly affect the flux of reactive solutes to the ocean. A two dimensional model coupling the Richards equation that describes the flow in permeable sediments and the conservation(More)
We investigated the composition of porewaters in intertidal sediments in response to the diurnal rise and fall of tides. For this reason, we deployed an in situ voltammetric system to measure vertical distribution and time-series at defined depths of O2, Mn(II), Fe(II), and S(−II) in the porewater of permeable sediments from a protected beach in the(More)
The Mertz Glacier Polynya off George V Land, East Antarctica, is a source of Adélie Land Bottom Water, which contributes up to ~25% of the Antarctic Bottom Water. This major polynya is closely linked to the presence of the Mertz Glacier Tongue that traps pack ice upstream. In 2010, the Mertz Glacier calved a massive iceberg, deeply impacting local sea ice(More)
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