Sylvain Brandel

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The present article proposes a method to significantly improve the construction and updating of 3D geological models used for oil and gas exploration. The proposed method takes advantage of the specific structures which characterize geological objects. We present a prototype of a "geological pilot" which enables monitoring the automatic building of a 3D(More)
In this paper, we present a modelling operation dedicated to animation. This operation, called thickening, is a generalization of the extrusion operation. It allows to build from a graph 3-D objects with circular section and 4-D objects with spherical or toric section. Moreover, the date and the number of mergings and splittings in the associated animation(More)
Augmented reality aims to insert virtual objects in real scenes. In order to obtain a coherent and realistic integration, these objects have to be relighted according to their positions and real light conditions. They also have to deal with occlusion by nearest parts of the real scene. To achieve this, we have to extract photometry and geometry from the(More)
— WOG-Well Optimization by Geosteering: A Pilot Software for Cooperative Modeling on Internet — IFP has recently started the development of a new data management system named WOG for " Well Optimization by Geosteering ". In this project, our aim is to distribute the information through the network so as to share knowledge. The key advantage of this software(More)
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