Sylvain Brandel

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The present article proposes a method to significantly improve the construction and updating of 3D geological models used for oil and gas exploration. The proposed method takes advantage of the specific structures which characterize geological objects. We present a prototype of a "geological pilot" which enables monitoring the automatic building of a 3D(More)
In this paper, we present a modelling operation dedicated to animation. This operation, called thickening, is a generalization of the extrusion operation. It allows to build from a graph 3-D objects with circular section and 4-D objects with spherical or toric section. Moreover, the date and the number of mergings and splittings in the associated animation(More)
This article presents an animation method and a software based on 4-D object modelling. This method uses a topological model and a free-form deformation model. It deenes a set of 4-D modelling operations for the construction of 4-D objects. The resulting animation is a sequence of 3-D objects, obtained by successive sections of 4-D object. Using 4-D objects(More)
With the sharp decline in mortality rates in developing countries in this century has come soaring growth rates, leading some to question the wisdom of pressing for stepped up mortality decline in these countries. The author asserts that such concerns are unfounded, since the ultimate effect of mortality decline on population size would be quite small. (More)