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The Technicians and Interventions Scheduling Problem for Telecommunications embeds the scheduling of interventions, the assignment of teams to interventions and the assignment of technicians to teams. Every intervention is characterized, among others attributes, by a priority. The objective of this problem is to schedule interventions such that the(More)
We propose an exact method which combines the resolution search and branch & bound algorithms for solving the 0 – 1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem. This algorithm is able to prove large – scale strong correlated instances. The optimal values of the 10 constraint , 500 variable instances of the OR-Library are exposed. These values were previously unknown .
The subject of the 5th challenge proposed by the French Society of Operations Research and Decision Analysis (ROADEF) consists in scheduling technicians and interventions for telecommunications (http://www.g-scop.inpg.fr/ChallengeROADEF2007/ or http://www.roadef.org/). We detail the algorithm we proposed for this challenge which is a Greedy Randomized(More)
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