Sylvain Bouchigny

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— Laser induced convection flows is a new and promising method to achieve better manipulation of mesoscale objects (above 1 µm and below 500 µm) in a liquid medium. The temperature gradient created by laser absorption generates natural and thermocapillary (or Marangoni) convection flows. These flows are used to perform the manipulation itself. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, we explored the time course of haptic stiffness discrimination learning and how it was affected by two experimental factors, the addition of visual information and/or knowledge of results (KR) during training. BACKGROUND Stiffness perception may integrate both haptic and visual modalities. However, in many tasks, the visual field(More)
The use of touch-based interaction now dominates the market as it enables a more natural form of interaction with our devices, but is largely limited to flat and rigid surfaces. The increasing availability of flexible interactive technologies offers us the opportunity to design devices that adapt to their context of use and opens up new avenues for the(More)
The paper describes the requirements specification process involved in the design of a Virtual Reality trainer for Epker maxillo-facial surgery. This surgery is considered as very delicate and difficult to teach. Vision guided movements are very limited and haptic sense is largely used. The user-centered methodology and the first experiments designed to(More)
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