Sylvain Aubert

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OBJECTIVE Discursive abilities of severe brain injured patient are always impaired: loss of flexibility, lack of cohesion and coherence, often more elliptic. We know few about nonverbal competencies during discourse. The objective is to verify nonverbal abilities of these patients by pragmatic analysis. METHODS Four men were examined more than 7 years(More)
In this paper we present a study on the use of remote sensing data combined to the 3D modeling of radiative transfer (RT) and energy balance in urban canopies in the aim to improve our knowledge on anthropogenic heat fluxes in several European cities (London, Basel, Heraklion, and Toulouse). The approach is based on the forcing by the use of LandSAT8 data(More)
This paper describes distortion calibration procedures for the SOHO/LASCO-C2 Coronagraph, based on in-orbit data and extensive image processing methods. It addresses specific problems of externally occulted coronagraphs (obstructed center of field-of-view, strong vignetting, and presence of stray light) and limitations inherent to space-based(More)
In a previous article, an 'invariant method' to calculate monomial integrals over the U (n) group was introduced. In this paper, we study the more traditional group-theoretical method, and compare its strengths and weaknesses with those of the invariant method. As a result, we are able to introduce a 'hybrid method' which combines the respective strengths(More)
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