Syeda Puspita Mouri

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This paper represents the effect of different solar radiance on the efficiency of GaInP2/GaAs/Ge based multi junction solar cell. Solar radiation is different for different air mass. The value of irradiance changes with the different wavelength and different air mass. With the change in the irradiance data, the theoretical efficiency of the multi junction(More)
This paper presents a study on low cost solar powered wheelchair for disabled people of Bangladesh. The main components are: the wheelchair structure, the solar panels, the DC motors, the controlling circuits, microcontroller and joystick. The proposed model is very useful for the physically challenged people of the rural areas. This proposed model is(More)
This paper represents Theoretical Efficiency of AlAs/GaAs/GaAs<sub>0.9</sub>Bi<sub>0.085</sub> based new multijunction solar cell and effects of solar radiation and sun concentration on it. A new solar cell configuration has been introduced in this paper with an efficiency of 48% for Air Mass 1.5G condition and for Air Mass 1.5D the efficiency becomes 52%.(More)
This paper represents theoretical efficiency and cell parameters of AlAs/GaAs/Ge based mew multijunction solar cell. A very new and unique model of multijunction solar is introduced in this paper. Using the modified version of spectral p-n junction solar cell model, the calculations of the solar cell parameters are done. All the calculations done for this(More)
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