Syed Zulkarnain Syed Idrus

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Among all the existing biometric modalities, authentication systems based on keystroked ynamics are particularly interesting for usability reasons. Manyr e-searchers proposed in the last decades some algorithms to increase the efficiencyo f this biometric modality.P ropose in this paper: ab enchmark testing suite composed of adatabase containing multiple(More)
In the present brutal competitive world, security is prime factor to transmit confidential data over the internet. Cryptographic algorithms play very important role in providing the data security against the various attacks. The specific characteristics of image, like high transmission rate with limited bandwidth, correlation among pixels, redundancy and(More)
Keystroke dynamics is a viable and practical way as an addition to security for identity verification. It can be combined with password authentication resulting in a more secure verification system. This paper presents a new profiling approach of individuals based on soft biometrics for keystroke dynamics. Soft biometrics traits are physical, behavioural or(More)
This paper discusses the complexity measurement of a password in relation to the performance of a keystroke dynamics system. The performance of any biometric system depends on the stability of the biometric data provided by the user. We first present a new way to calculate the complexity related to the typing of a password. This complexity metric is then(More)
The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning language is one of the popular approaches employed in education and is said to be a beneficial tool in language teaching and learning. The digital comics can be implemented in teaching and learning process with the purpose to motivate low proficiency students in writing(More)
Most of the sensitive information in the data communication has latent security problems. The algorithm method of AES, DES, 3DES and RC2 which were widely used are not suitable for the coding of advanced language tools. Therefore, we proposed the mixed encryption algorithm based on bit shifting and matrix calculation to solve the problem. Our method is easy(More)
It is accepted that the way a person types on a keyboard contains timing patterns, which can be used to classify him/her, is known as keystroke dynamics. Keystroke dynamics is a behavioural biometric modality, whose performances, however, are worse than morphological modalities such as fingerprint, iris recognition or face recognition. To cope with this, we(More)
Keystroke dynamics is an interesting biometric modality as a user can be authenticated while typing a passphrase or a password on a keyboard. In order to improve the accuracy of biometric systems, it is possible to exploit some prior information that can be known or extracted from the biometric raw data. This process is known as " soft biometrics ". In this(More)