Syed Zafar Shazli

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Soft errors due to alpha and cosmic particles are a growing reliability threat to information systems. In this work, a methodology is developed to analyze the effects of single event upsets (SEU) and obtain FIT rates for commercial microprocessors in live information systems. Our methodology is based on data collectedfrom error logs and error traces of the(More)
Application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs) allow the designer to extend the instruction set of the base processor with selected custom instructions to tailor-fit the application. In this paper, with the help of a motivational example, we first demonstrate that different custom instructions are vulnerable to faults with varying probabilities.(More)
Soft errors, due to cosmic radiations, are the major reliability barrier for VLSI designs. The vulnerability of such systems to soft errors grows exponentially with technology scaling. To meet reliability constraints in a cost-effective way, it is critical to assess soft error reliability parameters in early design stage to optimize reliability in the(More)