Syed Yousaf

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We have synthesised dideoxyadenosine-5'-[alpha-32P]triphosphate [( alpha-32P] ddATP ) at a specific activity of 3000 Ci/mmol and directly compared it with cordycepin-5'-[alpha-32P]triphosphate [( alpha-32P] KTP ) as a means to 3'-end label DNA. The [alpha-32P] ddATP was found to be three to five times more efficient than [alpha-32P] KTP . Blunt and(More)
—We present a dynamic multipath routing protocol in which packets from different applications dynamically choose their paths by taking into account the price to be paid for taking each path and their ability to pay. We propose a mechanism in which the prices reflect congestion on routers and thus the waiting time for passing the router by a packet and(More)
—Service Oriented Sensor Networks consist of various assets and host variety of services, some of which are composed of other services. Policies are widely used for regulating access to assets and services specially when these assets are owned by different parties in a coalition environment. In this paper, we present a novel mechanism for policy(More)
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