Syed Umar Amin

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Data mining techniques have been widely used in clinical decision support systems for prediction and diagnosis of various diseases with good accuracy. These techniques have been very effective in designing clinical support systems because of their ability to discover hidden patterns and relationships in medical data. One of the most important applications(More)
Medical errors are both costly and harmful. Medical errors cause thousands of deaths worldwide each year. A clinical decision support system (CDSS) offers opportunities to reduce medical errors as well as to improve patient safety. One of the most important applications of such systems is in diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases (HD) because statistics(More)
This research paper proposes the enhancement of the accuracy of the results by using Artificial Neural Network optimized with Genetic Algorithm in prediction of heart disease diagnosis with UCI dataset. In this study neural network is optimized with Genetic Algorithm and proved experimentally. The trained feed forward neural network and fitting neural(More)
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