Syed Taqi Ali

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Phishing refers to cybercrime that use social engineering and technical subterfuge techniques to fool online users into revealing sensitive information such as username, password, bank account number or social security number. In this paper, we propose a novel solution to defend zero-day phishing attacks. Our proposed approach is a combination of white list(More)
Attribute-based group signature (ABGS) scheme is a group signature scheme where the group members possessing certain privileges (attributes) only are eligible for signing the document. In verifier-local revocation (VLR) schemes, only verifiers are involved in the revocation of a member, while signers are not. Backward unlinkability ensures that even after a(More)
We propose a scheme for DDoS prevention in session resumption based end-to-end security for healthcare Internet of Things. In the proposed scheme a certificate based DTLS handshake takes place for mutual authentication between Smart e-Health Gateway and client. The end-to-end communication between client and medical sensors is susceptible to replay and DDoS(More)
Ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption (CPABE) is becoming very important in distributed computing environment, because it makes easier to protect, broadcast and control the access of information, especially over the cloud server. In CP-ABE every plaintext is encrypted under an access structure, defined on the user's attribute and users have given(More)
An attribute-based signature (ABS) scheme is a signature scheme where each signer gets the set of attributes from an attribute issuing authority and signs a message with some signing predicate which is satisfied by his/her attributes. A receiver of the signature verifies that the signature is in fact sent by someone whose attributes satisfy the signing(More)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a serious threat to the Internet hosts. DDoS attack is an attempts to make service unavailable to its intended users, by draining the system resources. In client-server applications like web sites, if client sends a request which needs server to consume some computational resource, such as accessing database,(More)
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