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Detection and recognition of the moving objects in dynamic environment is difficult task. This paper presents a modified framework for the detection and recognition of moving people in videos. Detection part of the proposed method consists of average background model with supportive secondary model and an adaptive threshold selection model based on Gaussian(More)
An image fusion technique for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) using local features and fuzzy logic is presented. The aim of proposed technique is to maximally combine useful information present in MRI and PET images. Image local features are extracted and combined with fuzzy logic to compute weights for each pixel.(More)
This paper presents a robust adaptive moving human detection and recognition method in videos. The human detection method consists of modified moving average background model with supportive secondary model and an adaptive threshold selection model based on Gaussian distribution. The moving average background model is used for background modeling and the(More)
Human brain can detect faces from the images constructed in their eyes. The face detection is a computerize method of locating the face in the digital image. It is an important challenge to locate faces from uncontrolled and indistinguishable background of the digital image. This paper presents human face detection from the colored images. Skin color(More)
In this paper, we propose a robust atlas-based automatic scheme for segmentation of subcortical region and cerebellum. Two separate schemes are presented, each for registration of subcortical structures and cerebellum respectively. Registration between atlas and subject MR image is performed using thin plate spline as non-rigid transformation, normalized(More)
A two step hybrid image fusion scheme is proposed for panchromatic and multi-spectral satellite sensors. First, we estimate an intermediate high/low resolution multi-spectral image using component substitution, which is followed by additive wavelet based high frequency injection into low resolution multi-spectral bands. Spectral dissimilarities between(More)
In this paper we propose an atlas-based segmentation technique for subcortical structures in 3D MR images using non-rigid image registration. Further we evaluate two separate transformation models used in non-rigid registration method, namely, Thin Plate Splines (TPS) and Cubic B Splines (CBS). The optimization technique used for the registration process(More)