Syed Shuja Kazmi

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BACKGROUND Congenital brain tumors are very rare. We review these tumors in patients younger than 2 months diagnosed in our Department. METHODS Seven congenital brain tumors were diagnosed during 5 years. Clinical and radiological findings and prognosis were analyzed. RESULTS The study included 5 female and two male infants. Two cases were diagnosed(More)
BACKGROUND To find out about the prenatal diagnosis rate of myelomeningocele (MMC) by ultrasound scan in patients referred to the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Tehran, Iran from July 2004 to July 2005. METHODS We included 140 children born with MMC and who were referred for management, surgery and treatment of complications associated with it. The(More)
OBJECT Meningomyelocele (MMC) is a common central nervous system birth defect. As one of many problems facing patients with MMC, learning disabilities are often overlooked. The aim of this study was to evaluate IQs in a group of children with MMCs and determine if a correlation exists between intelligence level and the presence of an MMC and/or its(More)
The authors describe the case of a 2-year-old boy who experienced progressive spastic paraparesis for several months. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an extensive extradural arachnoid cyst at the T3-L1 levels and posterior spinal cord herniation at T3-4. Surgical release of the neck of the hernia and total resection of the arachnoid cyst were performed.(More)
are thought to be the products of postneurulation disorder. The neural tube is normally formed beneath the cutaneous lesion; however, when the subsequent development of the overlying mesenchymal tissues and cutaneous ectoderm are aberrant, the result is a cutaneous and mesenchymal defect that contains only cere-brospinal fluid (CSF). Chiari malformation(More)
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