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Organizations, especially those adapting to rapidly changing environments , face the challenge of being able to solve complex problems within highly constrained timeframes. Complex problem solving has been addressed by theories of bounded rationality. However, these theories focus on solving complex but structured problems, and thus, context and how it(More)
Cysticercosis in anterior chamber (AC) is rarer than in other ocular sites. And it is usually associated with plastic iridocyclitis. We report herein a case of a live cyst in the AC. The cyst was removed intact through limbal incision by visco expression technique. Histopathology confirmed cysticercosis cellulosae as the infecting agent. Timely removal of(More)
BACKGROUND Cichorium intybus L. commonly known as chicory is one of the important medicinal plants commonly used in Ayurvedic system of medicine. It is commonly used for the treatment of diseases involving a khapa and pitta doshas. Traditionally, C. intybus is used for the treatment of inflammatory conditions, but there are only few in vitro studies(More)
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