Syed Shahinshah Gilani

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Rapid decline of plant resources due to their conventional use needs ex-situ and in-situ conservation, training of the community regarding collection of medicinal plants and their marketing. In this regard, the Bulashbar valley, Astore, District Diamer was identified as a case study. The main objectives of this activity were to enlist economic, medicinal(More)
Several brominated androgen derivatives were tested for their ability to inactivate microsomal aromatase from term human placenta. In the experimental protocol, the microsomal homogenate was incubated either with androstenedione or a brominated derivative of androstenedione (16alpha-bromo-6-ketoandrostenedione, 16alpha-bromoandrostenedione,(More)
Deoxycholic acid (DCA) has long been implicated as tumour-promoting agent in the colon. Polyamines are necessary for cell proliferation, they are accumulated in high amounts in colon cancer cells, and their concentrations in the colonic lumen can reach millimolar levels. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of physiological DCA(More)
In vitro antiglucocorticoids (cortexolone and progesterone) were evaluated as in vivo antagonists of dexamethasone-induced increases in liver tyrosine amino transferase (TAT; EC, tryptophan oxygenase (TPO; EC, and glycogen deposition. Cortexolone antagonized the TPO and glycogen responses to dexamethasone in the liver of adrenalectomized(More)
Many parameters currently used for the pre-transplant assessment of liver allografts, are not reliable enough in predicting the likelihood of early graft dysfunction or non-function. It is generally accepted that bile secretion is a sign of hepatic function post-transplant and that bile flow shows a close linear relationship to the secretion of bile acids(More)