Syed Sami Haider

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BACKGROUND Weight misperception is the discordance between an individual's actual weight status and the perception of his/her weight. It is a common problem in the youth population as enumerated by many international studies. However data from Pakistan in this area is deficient. METHODS A multi-center cross-sectional survey was carried out in(More)
1. P.2, Results: The given information about the characteristics of the sample in the results section of the abstract is interesting; anyway as it is not a main finding it is not important for the abstract. I would encourage the authors to give more information about the misperceptions (e.g. overund underestimation, which kind of misperception is measured(More)
Currently home to 180 million people, Pakistan’s population continues to rise, with an estimated increase of 66 million in the next 15 years. While it is encouraging to note that women in developing countries have shown an interest in limiting their family size and appropriately spacing out pregnancies by means of modern contraceptive methods, most women in(More)
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