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Handwritten numeral recognition is in general a benchmark problem of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. Compared to the problem of printed numeral recognition, the problem of handwritten numeral recognition is compounded due to variations in shapes and sizes of handwritten characters. Considering all these, the problem of handwritten numeral(More)
Cyber attack is one of the most rapidly growing threats to the world of cutting edge information technology. As new tools and techniques are emerging everyday to make information accessible over the Internet, so is their vulnerabilities. Cyber defense is inevitable in order to ensure reliable and secure communication and transmission of information.(More)
Arabic language is a semantic language that has differences when compared to English language. We are dealing with the handwritten Arabic Amount from cheques of Arabic banks. In this paper we proposed a windowing technique for the segmentation of the numerical amount, followed by an efficient moment invariants for features extraction. A maximum and minimum(More)
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