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A sensor network is made up of numerous small independent sensor nodes with sensing, processing and communicating capabilities. The sensor nodes have limited battery and a minimal amount of on-board computing power. This paper presents a novel methodology that utilizes source and path redundancy technique to effectively reduce the required energy(More)
The confidentiality and verification of customer's data at the cloud service provider (CSP) side becomes a critical issue in terms of both reliability (i.e., the trust aspect) and efficiency (i.e., the ease of performing such verifications). As data owners no longer physically possess their data storage, traditional cryptographic primitives for the purpose(More)
Cloud computing presents many advantages over previous computing paradigms such as rapid data processing and increased storage capacity. In addition, there are many cloud service providers (CSPs) that ensures for easy and an efficient migration and provide varying levels of security with respect to information or assets contained in the storage. However,(More)
In wireless sensor network, nodes are usually powered by batteries with limited amount of energy. This paper uses an Ad Hoc on Demand Multipath Routing Protocol for finding multiple paths to transfer the data from source node to destination node. The proposed work performed the energy efficient routing, when the sink node (base station) is in static state(More)
With emergence of the latest technology, need for digital documents, images and medias has greatly increased. On the other hand, there has been great demand of protecting those documents. The researchers proposed several approaches to protect those valuable documents. The two most exciting available approaches are to remove the devices and online storage.(More)