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Software testing is a way of finding errors from the system. It helps us to identify and debug mistakes, errors, faults and failures of a system. There are many techniques and strategies emerged since the concept of software development emerged. The aim of testing is to make the quality of software as efficient as this paper we discuss most(More)
In these days, embedded system have an important role in different Fields and applications like Network embedded system , Real-time embedded systems which supports the mission-critical domains, mostly having the time constraints, Stand-alone systems which includes the network router etc. A great deployment in the processors made for completing the demanding(More)
Wireless communication networks using unlicensed frequency band faces certain challenges like unrestrained interfering and bad quality of transmission. To surmount the scarcity of frequency band, a new technique for wireless communication is compulsory to adapt the exponentially rising wireless communication demand. Visible light communication systems(More)
The objective of this research study is to better understand and measure student's attitudes and perceptions towards the effectiveness of mobile learning in higher education settings. This paper reports on the results of a survey of fifteen hundred students from different departments at Abdul Wali Khan University about their attitude and perception of using(More)
Business software development is difficult to bear throughout the world within the scope of their work around the world to obtain many benefits. The remarkable development of globalization software known as global software development (GSD). Software teams are located in different regions or location worldwide. However, geographical or temporal distance(More)
It is an established fact that the data transmission between two devices or processes is achieved via packets, according to the rules and regulations of TCP/IP protocol suite. The said transmission involves all the layers of TCP/IP protocol suite. The different processes involved in the transmission follow the same rule of the TCP / IP suite either on the(More)
Video watermarking is well known as the process of embedding copy right information in video bit streams. It had been proposed in recent years to solve the problem of illegal manipulation and distribution of digital video . In this study, an effective, robust DCT transform using MATLAB. In the proposed method, first the video frames are extracted from the(More)
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