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This study focuses on adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) techniques for the acquisition of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs). Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are very low level sounds produced by the outer hair cells of normal cochleas, spontaneously or in response to sound stimulation as a byproduct of a frequency and threshold sensitivity(More)
We demonstrate the fabrication of free-standing polymeric nanocomposite films, which present magnetic and electrically conductive anisotropic properties. Magnetically functionalized carbon nanofibers are dispersed in a polymeric solution and, upon casting under a weak external magnetic field, are easily oriented and permanently assembled in a head-to-tail(More)
In genome-wide prediction, independence of marker allele substitution effects is typically assumed; however, since early stages in the evolution of this technology it has been known that nature points to correlated effects. In statistics, graphical models have been identified as a useful and powerful tool for covariance estimation in high dimensional(More)
Several statistical models used in genome-wide prediction assume independence of marker allele substitution effects, but it is known that these effects might be correlated. In statistics, graphical models have been identified as a useful tool for covariance estimation in high dimensional problems and it is an area that has recently experienced a great(More)
In this study, we addressed the problem of genome-wide prediction accounting for partial correlation of marker effects when the partial correlation structure, or equivalently, the pattern of zeros of the precision matrix is unknown. This problem requires estimating the partial correlation structure of marker effects, that is, learning the pattern of zeros(More)
Computer Network based problems often require searching a node from another and finding a path from one node to another. To solve this we use graph algorithms. Solving these problems takes a lot of time and knowledge when solved manually. For this purpose graph algorithms where devised and solving these problems became easier but the time taken to solve(More)