Syed Rahman

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The exponential growth in data storage capacity and collection are beginning to strain the limits of traditional web-based visualization solutions. Remote rendering is a solution that can address the bandwidth limitations of visualizing large datasets over the Internet. In this paper, we have proposed a remote visualization system architecture using web(More)
The Department of Defense has a need for an identity management system that uses two factor authentications to ensure that only the correct individuals get access to their top secret flight simulator program. Currently the Department of Defense does not have a web interface sign in system. We will be creating a system that will allow them to access their(More)
—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application is often viewed as a strategic investment that can provide significant competitive advantage with positive return thus contributing to the firms' revenue and growth. Despite such strategic importance given to ERP the implementation success to achieve the desired goal has been viewed disappointing. There have(More)
Computer Security is a concept of protection designated to information system to accommodate the fundamental security objectives for data, information and computer services [1]. The goal of this research paper is to implement a security plan for the Lawson healthcare organization to assist with protecting and providing a secure information transmission and(More)
All rights reserved INFORMATION TO ALL USERS The quality of this reproduction is dependent upon the quality of the copy submitted. In the unlikely event that the author did not send a complete manuscript and there are missing pages, these will be noted. Also, if material had to be removed, a note will indicate the deletion. Abstract Adoption of new(More)
This paper describes the challenges and benefits of bringing web applications to mobile devices. It covers many guidelines, and best practices offered to developers to ease the transition to mobile devices. By using techniques such as changing the Delivery Context through Content Adaptation, developers can provide users with an improved experience on their(More)
Computer Network based problems often require searching a node from another and finding a path from one node to another. To solve this we use graph algorithms. Solving these problems takes a lot of time and knowledge when solved manually. For this purpose graph algorithms where devised and solving these problems became easier but the time taken to solve(More)