Syed Rahman

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The Department of Defense has a need for an identity management system that uses two factor authentications to ensure that only the correct individuals get access to their top secret flight simulator program. Currently the Department of Defense does not have a web interface sign in system. We will be creating a system that will allow them to access their(More)
Digital filters are pervasive in the present era of communication systems. As a result good digital filter performance is important and hence to design a digital finite impulse response (FIR) filter satisfying all the required condition is a demanding one. This report deals with the design of FIR digital filter using hamming window technique. This window is(More)
—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application is often viewed as a strategic investment that can provide significant competitive advantage with positive return thus contributing to the firms' revenue and growth. Despite such strategic importance given to ERP the implementation success to achieve the desired goal has been viewed disappointing. There have(More)
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