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Spontaneous rupture of a normal spleen without a history of trauma is a rare clinical entity. We report on a case of atraumatic splenic rupture in a 61-year-old man who presented to the emergency department for abdominal pain and hypotension. There was no evidence of hematologic or infectious disease involving the spleen. The chronic cough described by the(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the hypothesis that administration of a replication-deficient, recombinant adenovirus vector to the epithelial surface of the respiratory tract can be used to deliver a recombinant protein to the systemic circulation in sufficient quantities to evoke a systemic response appropriate to the recombinant protein. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To screen the chitosan producing ability of endolichenic fungi and its antibacterial activity. METHODS Lichen collected from mangroves was screened for endophytes and the chitosan producing ability of endolichenic fungi by submerged fermentation was also determined. Antibacterial activity was carried out against different pathogens. RESULTS(More)
981 lower limbs belonging to 829 subjects, 67.6% of which were females, have been examined. The average venous pressure at the tibial posterior vein was 101 +/- 12 mmHg and 102 +/- 13 mmHg on the internal saphenous vein. In 311 lower limbs with femoro-iliac thrombosis, venous pressures are slightly higher than in 670 lower limbs with calf veins occlusion.(More)
After an introduction about the importance or not of arterial hypertension as a risk factor arteriosclerosis of the lower limbs, wer report on a group of 193 patients affected by peripheral arteriopathy, divided for different class of systemic arterial pressure. We verified that the clinical development of the disease is better in the hypertensive subjects(More)
The present study dealt with the isolation, identification and enzyme characterization of potential luminous bacteria from water, sediment, squid, and cuttle fish samples of the Karaikal coast, Bay of Bengal, India during the study period September 2007 - August 2008. Bioluminescent strains were screened in SWC agar and identified using biochemical tests.(More)
A serologic study using the direct seroagglutinate method described by Babudieri and Zardi was carried out in 31 patients affected by Buerger's disease, to determine the positive antibody reaction level against rickettsial disease. In 41.9% of the cases there was a positive test for R. burnetii, in 6.4% a positive test for R. mooserii, and in one a positive(More)