Syed Munir Hussain Shah

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate and compare the diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography (HSG) and laparoscopic chromopertubation (LCP), in the diagnosis of fallopian tube patency. DESIGN A comparative prospective study. SETTING The infertility clinic of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ga-Rankuwa hospital (Medical University of Southern Africa),(More)
In this paper, we have proposed two backfill scheduling optimizations, i.e., Shortest Width First Backfill (SWFBF) and Shortest Area First Backfill (SAFBF). A near optimal simple, but effective job packing algorithm called the Select-Replace algorithm has also been presented to minimize external fragmentation. Proof of the concept has been given with the(More)
Cluster computing is receiving exponential popularity as a choice for high performance computing. This is mainly due to its effective cost performance ratio. Resource management systems (RMS) are the key component to manage the resources of clusters efficiently and have a very vital role in the performance of distributed parallel systems especially a job(More)
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