Syed Moshfeq Salaken

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Prediction interval (PI) has been extensively used to predict the forecasts for nonlinear systems as PI-based forecast is superior over point-forecast to quantify the uncertainties and disturbances associated with the real processes. In addition, PIs bear more information than point-forecasts, such as forecast accuracy. The aim of this paper is to integrate(More)
Content-based image retrieval is an effective and efficient technique to retrieve images from a big dataset with similar images. To have a robust retrieval system, a proper and accurate classification scheme is required to categorise the information of shape, texture, and colours. In this paper, a deep convolutional neural network is proposed to classify(More)
Collision avoidance is an essential component in advanced driving assistance systems, as it ensures the safety of the vehicle in near crash or crash scenarios. In this study, a collision avoidance system for lane change events is proposed which plans the trajectory based on the level of danger. The danger level is computed by a fuzzy inference system(More)