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The Parallel CMAC Authenticated Encryption Algorithm for Satellite Communication
The evolution in digital communication technology has provoked the need for providing efficient security services for communication. Expand
Disaster Management Using IP-Based Space-Air-Ground Information Network
Proposed IP based Space Air Ground Information Network (SAGIN) provides a protocol for real-time rescue operation in case of a disaster. Expand
The AES Implementation for Avoiding Single Event Effects for Satellite Application
We have analyzed the pros and cons of using an algorithm-based architecture for the implementation of the S-Box on FPGA for the AES algorithm. Expand
A New Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm With Higher Performance
In this paper, we are presenting an alternate symmetric key encryption algorithm, which can easily avoid long and complex computation of conventional popular symmetrickey encryption algorithms such as the Data Encryption Standards and the Advance Encryption Standard. Expand
Analysis of authenticated encryption scheme for wireless sensor networks
In this paper, a new scheme to enhance security of wireless gateway node is presented. Expand
The Implementation of AES-CMAC Authenticated Encryption Algorithm on FPGA
The advancements in communication technology have evolved the algorithms used for communication security. Expand
Lightweight Encryption Algorithm Implementation for Internet of Thing Application
Internet of Things (IoT) application utilizes devices with limited hardware resources such as the wireless sensor network application and devices with sufficient hardware resources such as satelliteExpand
Randomized Key Exchange Protocol Implementation for Internet of Things Application
Recently, the security of public key security algorithms have been research extensively; besides, the utilization of public key cryptography requires key exchange protocol. The security of keyExpand
Optimized Authentication Algorithm on FPGA for Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network
The increasing trend of integration of devices for extending the area of coverage for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) services has compelled researchers to integrate devices inExpand