Syed Ishrat Ali

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Cellulose fiber is a tremendous natural resource that has broad application in various productions including the textile industry. The dyes, which are commonly used for cellulose printing, are "reactive dyes" because of their high wet fastness and brilliant colors. The interaction of various dyes with the cellulose fiber depends upon the physiochemical(More)
Disodium 4,4 ́-bis-(1,3,5-triazinylamino)stilbene-2,2 ́-disulfonate derivatives were synthesized by reacting 4,4 ́diaminostilbene-2,2 ́-disulfonic acid with 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine. The resulting dichloro-sym-triazinyl intermediate was further condensed in two steps with amines by nucleophilic substitutions reaction on their triazine moiety to(More)
A series of germanium and silicon incorporated diorganotin derivatives of general formula [N(OCH2CH2)3GeCH(R(1)CH2CO2]2 SnR2(2) where R1 = H3C, C6H5, p-CH3C6H4, p-FC6H4; R2 = H2CSi(CH3)2C6H5, H2CC6H5, p-CH3C7H7 were synthesized by the reaction of appropriate diorganotin dichlorides and germatranyl (substituted) propionic acid in 1:2 mole ratio,(More)
Some novel lower homologues of diorganotin derivatives of germyl substituted propanoic acids with general formula [Ar(3)GeCH(R(1))CH(R(2))COO](2)SnR(2)(3), where Ar = p-CH(3)C(6)H(4), C(6)H(5), R(1) = p-CH(3)C(6)H(4), p-CH(3)OC(6)H(4), o-CH(3)OC(6)H(4), C(6)H(5), R(2) = H, CH(3), R(3) = CH(3), C(2)H(5) have been prepared by the condensation reaction of(More)
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