Syed Irfan Ali

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The objective of this project is to design, build and test a throwable robot capable of withstanding impact forces when dropped from heights of 3m (6m preferred), while ensuring the survivability of its surveillance sensor payload. The robot is expected to be light enough to be thrown by a soldier and cheap enough to be mass manufactured such that each(More)
BACKGROUND Although subspecialist orthopaedic surgeons usually request Magnetic Resonance Arthrogram (MRA) examinations, some orthopaedic surgeons may request this examination for a body part that is different from their subspecialty. The purpose of the study is to compare the MRA and the clinical findings in the subspecialist and non-subspecialist groups.(More)
Limb amputation is one of the oldest known surgical procedures performed for a variety of indications. Little surgical technical improvements have been made since the first procedure, but perioperative and post-operative refinements have occurred over time. Post-amputation pain (PAP) of the stump is a common complication but is an extremely challenging(More)
Since past few years, researchers have been concentrating on the classification of Electromyography Signal. This method is very convenient in diagnosing the neuro-muscular disorders, which consists of wide spread diseases affecting peripheral nervous system. Progressive muscle weakness is the major form of these disorders. Out of various proposed methods,(More)
Because of nature of job, unhealthy social habits and voice abuse, people are subjected to risk of voice problems It is well known that most of speech disorders causes changes in the acoustic voice signals [9].In the recent year the trend towards automated analysis of pathological noise signal has gain momentum. The awkwardness of analog equipment has(More)
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