Syed Hassan Ahmed

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Several gateway selection schemes have been proposed that select gateway nodes based on a single Quality of Service (QoS) path parameter, for instance path availability period, link capacity or end-to-end delay, etc. or on multiple non-QoS parameters, for instance the combination of gateway node speed, residual energy, and number of hops, for Mobile Ad hoc(More)
In this paper, we propose an adaptive time division multiple access based medium access control (MAC) protocol, called bitmap-assisted shortest job first based MAC (BS-MAC), for hierarchical wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The main contribution of BS-MAC is that: (a) It uses small size time slots. (b) The number of those time slots is more than the number(More)
“Smart Cities” has been envisioned during the last decay. Moreover, various projects have been initiated to bring this concept into reality. Smart City is basically an emergence of the existing and new ICT technologies to make our living standard more safe and digitized. Wireless communications such as sensors, actuators, intelligent transportation systems,(More)
Recently, various applications for VANETs have been proposed and smart traffic violation ticketing is one of them. On the other hand, content-centric networking has been emerged into VANETs and named as VCCN. However, the existing applications in VANETs are not suitable for VCCN paradigm due to the dependency on a named “content” instead of a(More)
Named Data Networking (NDN) has been recently added to the future Internet family. NDN is basically an extension to the Content Centric Network (CCN) and is expected to support various applications. Those applications are to be supported by the future internet architectures. NDN believes in naming the content rather than using end-to-end device names.(More)