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The increasing use of virtual reality (VR) simulators in surgical training makes it imperative that definitive studies be performed to assess their training effectiveness. Indeed, in this paper we report the meta-analysis of the efficacy of virtual reality simulators in: 1) the transference of skills from the simulator training environment to the operating(More)
In a double-blind, controlled trial with a factorial design, 684 patients (aged 6 months to 2 y; excludes 6 early dropouts) with acute watery diarrhoea of 3 d or less and some dehydration, who were attending a hospital, were randomly assigned to 4 groups to receive: (a) vitamin A 4500 microg retinol equivalent daily for 15 d; (b) 14.2 mg elemental zinc as(More)
A Clinical Decision Support System has been developed using the Exsys software for the flexor tendon injuries in Zone II encompassing the continuum from injury to complete rehabilitation of the tendon. The system architecture uses the rules based logic blocks to create a decision support system, which takes the user through series of questions, and based on(More)
Increased access to health care, and advances in education and technology have resulted in a larger proportion of the population having longer life expectancy. The strong correlation between age and cancer has resulted in a major healthcare problem for this century, and until recently cancer has defied any long-lasting cure. However, progress, especially in(More)
Chemometric analysis of a set of one-dimensional (1D) (1)H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectral data for heparin sodium active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) samples was employed to distinguish USP-grade heparin samples from those containing oversulfated chondroitin sulfate (OSCS) contaminant and/or unacceptable levels of dermatan sulfate (DS)(More)
Debebe Asefa, Dinesh Mital, Syed Haque, Shankar Srinivasan Department of Health Informatics University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey 65 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07107-3001 USA 1 Abstract Wavelet-based denoising methods have the advantage over low-pass filtering in that relevant detail information is retained, while small details due to noise are(More)