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The increasing use of virtual reality (VR) simulators in surgical training makes it imperative that definitive studies be performed to assess their training effectiveness. Indeed, in this paper we report the meta-analysis of the efficacy of virtual reality simulators in: 1) the transference of skills from the simulator training environment to the operating(More)
A Clinical Decision Support System has been developed using the Exsys software for the flexor tendon injuries in Zone II encompassing the continuum from injury to complete rehabilitation of the tendon. The system architecture uses the rules based logic blocks to create a decision support system, which takes the user through series of questions, and based on(More)
1 Abstract Wavelet-based denoising methods have the advantage over low-pass filtering in that relevant detail information is retained, while small details due to noise are discarded. This paper reports a novel technique of removing noise, using a wiener filter in wavelet domain, from an fMRI data and display selectively event related voxels in a spatial(More)
IEEE 802.15.4 is a standard defined for wireless sensor network applications with limited power and relaxed throughput needs. The devices transmit data during two periods: Contention Access Period (CAP) by accessing the channel using CSMA/CA and Contention Free Period (CFP), which consists of Guaranteed Time Slots (GTS) allocated to individual devices by(More)