Syed Babar

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The amygdala plays a central role in fear conditioning, emotional processing, and memory modulation. A postulated key component of the neurochemical regulation of amygdala function is the neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), and synaptic levels of 5-HT in the amygdala and elsewhere are critically regulated by the 5-HT transporter (5-HTT). The aim of(More)
The Internet has touched every part of our lives, including our interactions and communications. Printed books are being replaced by electronic books (e-books), personal and official correspondences have shifted to electronic mail (e-mail), and news is now being read online. This is generating huge volumes of unstructured textual data that needs to be(More)
Rapid growth of a computing environment presents a recurring theme of running out of resources. Meeting the challenges of building and maintaining such a system requires adapting to the ever changing needs brought on by rampant expansion. This paper discusses the evolution of our computer network from its origins in the startup company NexGen, Inc. to the(More)
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