Syed Aslam Sohaib

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Testicular microlithiasis (TM) is characterised by small intratesticular calcifications, which can be visualised by ultrasound. Men with testicular germ cell tumour (TGCT) have a higher frequency of TM than men without TGCT. To clarify the association between TGCT and TM and to investigate the relationship between TGCT susceptibility and TM, we recruited(More)
AIM To evaluate patterns of disease and identify factors predicting outcome in patients presenting with recurrent endometrial adenocarcinoma following primary surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review was performed of the imaging and clinical data in 86 patients (median age 66 years, range 42-88 years) presenting with recurrent endometrial(More)
OBJECTIVE Metastatic disease occurs in a significant percentage of patients with renal cell carcinoma. Recent advances in systemic therapies for metastatic renal cell carcinoma are likely to have a significant effect on the way patients with advanced disease are imaged. These new therapies have shown a significant increase in progression-free survival. (More)
Neuroendocrine tumours of the pancreas are rare and are frequently difficult to demonstrate. Several imaging modalities have been used to demonstrate these tumours, but recent reports have suggested that MRI may have an important role in their localization. We review the spectrum of MRI appearances of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours.
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to evaluate the accuracy of MR imaging in the detection and characterization of adnexal mass lesions and to determine which imaging features are predictive of malignancy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We prospectively performed MR imaging in 104 patients (age range, 19-87 years; mean age, 50 years) with clinically or(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aims were to describe the abdominal fat distribution in male patients with Cushing's syndrome (CS) on computerised tomography (CT), to compare our findings with non-cushingoid patients, to validate previous reports of increased visceral fat in female patients with CS and to identify any correlations between fat distribution and biochemical(More)
AIMS To evaluate the accuracy of ultrasonography (US) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in characterizing adnexal masses, and to determine which patients may benefit from MRI. METHODS We prospectively studied 72 women (mean age 53 years, range 19 to 86 years) with clinically suspected adnexal masses. A single experienced sonographer performed(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe the size and appearance of the adrenal glands on CT in patients with adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH)-dependent Cushing's syndrome and to correlate gland dimensions with circulating cortisol and ACTH levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed clinical, biochemical, and imaging data for(More)
AIM To evaluate the relationship between erectile function and the radiation dose to the penile bulb and other proximal penile structures in men receiving conformal radiotherapy (CFRT) for prostate cancer (PCa). METHODS The Medical Research Council (MRC) RT01 trial randomised 843 men who had localised PCa to receive either 64 or 74 Gy after 3 - 6 months(More)