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Sonni Jayathirthachar Sanjeev Kumar1
1Sonni Jayathirthachar Sanjeev Kumar
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User interaction and multimodal behaviour have been argued as viable indicators of cognitive load. We extend this idea to explore interactive mouse behaviour for the same. Though mouse dynamics is generally being explored as a biometric technology, we intend to adapt and enhance this usage for detecting pattern changes in user behaviour as cognitive load is(More)
Blood supply to the thalamus and brainstem have frequent anatomic variations. One of these is where all the perforators to the above areas arise from a single branch of the posterior cerebral artery commonly known as the artery of Percheron. Infarction involving this artery leading to bilateral thalamic and midbrain lesions is not uncommon, but can cause(More)
Machine Learning (ML) based decision support systems are often like a black box to non-expert users. Here user's confidence becomes critical for effective decision making and maintaining trust in the system. We find that user confidence varies significantly depending on supplementary material presented on screen. We investigate change in user confidence (in(More)
User interaction and multimodal behavior have been argued as viable indicators of cognitive load. We extend this idea by exploring interactive mouse data stream and implementing sliding windows technique to detect cognitive load variation in real-time. This work-in-progress reports successful load change detections resulting from applying our unique(More)
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