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Logos sometimes also known as trademark have high importance in today's marketing world. Products, companies and different gaming leagues are often recognized by their respective logos. In this paper, an implementation system for logo detection and recognition in video stream is presented. Feature set using SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform)(More)
In the course of recent years, reversible watermarking systems for social databases have been proposed to give assurance of possession rights, information treating, and information trustworthiness. Every now and again, these strategies make certain fashioned information recuperation from knowledge of the watermarks, though irreversible watermarking plans(More)
Logos sometimes also known as trademark have high importance in today's marketing world. Logo or trademark is of high importance because it carries the goodwill of the company and the product. Logo matching and recognition is important to discover either improper or unauthorized use of logos. Query images may come with different types of scale,(More)
Rumoozul Atibba, a rare Urdu book compiled by Hakim Fairozuddin is in two Volumes. It is published by Darul Kutub Rafiqul Atibba, printed in "Rifah-e-Aam press in 1913 at Lahore which contains short biographies of Ayurvedic and Unani physicians. It has been compiled to disclose the tested formulae hidden in the minds of eminent scholars of Ayurveda and(More)
This article is a second part of previous work published with the same title in this Bulletin Vol. 28, 1998, P. nos. 151-158. It contains brief notes on six rare Ayurvedic books in Urdu. It provides two types of information, i.e. (i) Introduction to the books studied and (2) Literary history of Ayurveda of that period in which Urdu language had a prominent(More)
Urdu is a distinct literary language began to develop in India during Mughal empire. Lots of people read, write and speak, this language in Indian subcontinent. This brief article will shed light on the seven rare books in Urdu compiled and published in the period from 19th century to the first half of the current century. Some books may not have high value(More)
This Indian Institute of History of Medicine possesses more than 100 medical manuscripts (paper) in Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages. One of the rare manuscripts is known as "Moalejat-e-Hindi", its specialty is that it is on ăyurvĕda in Persian. It contains shlokas in transliterated form. It contains three sections. It has been compiled by the order of(More)
  • S A Husain
  • 1997
Hakim Ali Gilani was a native of Gilan. He was a distinguished physician and medical writer. He wrote commentary on canon of Avicenna. He came to India during Akbar's time and served two Mughal rulers, Akbar and Jahangir. He was praised very much by the medical historians for his vast knowledge, curiosity and intelligence. A brief account of his(More)