Syed Adnan Hussain Shah

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Ontology driven architecture has revolutionized the inference system by allowing interoperability and efficient reasoning between heterogeneous multi-vendors systems. Sound reasoning support is highly important for sound semantic web ontologies which can only be possible if state-of-the-art Description Logic Reasoners were capable enough to identify(More)
Ontology is one of the most important components of a semantic based information system which provides context to the document. Ontology enables us to capture the semantics of documents. To interpret information and perform reasoning we require storing Ontologies in a way that is correct, consistent, scalable and efficient to retrieve. RDBMS (Relational(More)
Ontology evaluation is one of the most important phases of ontology engineering. Researchers have identified different types of errors that should be catered in ontology evaluation process for fulfillment of the semantic Web vision and classified them in error's taxonomy. We have found that some important errors are missing in the error's taxonomy. We have(More)
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