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Existence and attractivity of k-almost automorphic sequence solution of a model of cellular neural networks with delay
Abstract In this paper we discuss the existence and global attractivity of k -almost automorphic sequence solution of a model of cellular neural networks. We consider the corresponding differenceExpand
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In this article we define the concept of weighted pseudo almost automorphic sequence, and establish some basic properties of these sequences. Further, as an application, we show the existence,Expand
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The model of good governance in Islam
The world has reached a consensus that good governance is significant for human resource development in any society. In this context, the UNDP, IMF, World Bank, various NGOs and numerous studiesExpand
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Global dynamics of autonomous and nonautonomous SI epidemic models with nonlinear incidence rate and feedback controls
This paper discusses autonomous and nonautonomous epidemic models with nonlinear incidence rate of saturated mass action and feedback controls. The global asymptotic stability of disease-freeExpand
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Almost Periodicity of a Modified Leslie–Gower Predator–Prey System with Crowley–Martin Functional Response
In this paper, we discuss a modified Leslie–Gower Lotka–Volterra system with Crowley–Martin type functional response. Crowley–Martin functional response is similar to the Beddington–DeAngelisExpand
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Dynamical analysis of a model of social behavior: Criminal vs non-criminal population
Abstract In this paper, we construct a model motivated by the well known predator-prey model to study the interaction between criminal population and non-criminal population. Our aim is to studyExpand
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Global Mittag–Leffler stability of complex valued fractional-order neural network with discrete and distributed delays
Fractional-order Hopfield neural network are often used to model the processing of information on the basis of interaction among the neurons. To show the constancy of the processed information, theExpand
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Stability Analysis of an Integro Differential Equation Model of Ring Neural Network with Delay
In this paper we present and study a ring neural network model with delays. We study existence and uniqueness of equilibrium point and global stability of the model system. At the end few examplesExpand
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